Maker Party at the JAAGO Foundation

Our experience today was nothing short of unexpected and fully pleasing. Me along with two of our Webmaking com-padres got the pleasure of hosting a Maker Party at the JAAGO Foundation. One of JAAGO Foundation’s aims is to bring education to children who are underprivileged.

We started our session with an introductory video presentation of Webmaker that also explains what we try to achieve here at Mozilla. Between the presentaion we normally interact with the audience a lot, and thinking that today’s audience were kids aged between 7-9, I thought we would have work quite a lot harder to reach to those kids. But our worries were soon replaced with a great deal of delight.

The kids were very susceptible to what we were explaining. We learned that they are a good bunch of very curious, smart, and attentive little personalities who were gladly answering our quick questions, and very correctly. No wonder they won so many stickers today.


After that, we snapped some photo of them with the help of Makey Makey and the Interaction Cam made by Christian Heilmann. We told each of them to bring a friend with them, and whenever they shook hands with each other, a photo was snapped! Without touching the keyboard, or the mouse, just by shaking hands. ;)

But due to today’s event being rather short on time, that’s all we could manage, as the kids had classes to attend right after. So before parting all of them, and also JAAGO Foundation are looking for another event like this, and we are also eagerly waiting for the day to come.

The event was organised by our Laila Apu, and was facilitated by me, Sharif bro and Ratul bro.

Special thanks to Mahir for making that intro video.

More pictures can be found at flickr. And a fun video of us playing with a paper bird which was made by a student of JAAGO Foundation can be found here.

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