Maker Party at Old Dhaka, '14

Its a wonderful chance to be able to teach the web to students who are already learning about computers in an ICT solutions company in Old Dhaka. Thanks to i-mesh for giving us the chance!

We had 20 very eager students who were looking for a great day learning about computers but a little unsure of what we would offer. To clear their confusions, Bellayet Hossain started off with who we were and also our mission for the day... which was to have a party learning about the web and making things on it.

Maker party at Old Dhaka on Sept 15 2014

I continued afterwards with a video that makes explaining our shared global mission and Webmaker's part in it very easy and interactive. I am glad to say the reception from the participants were great as they recieved stickers and other #mozilla #swag items by answering to our quick questions.

After showing them the video of Maker Party, to get them to their partying spirits, we started off by having them make their very own webpages on the Internet! Thanks to fuzzyfox for making remixing a beautiful about me page so easy.

Maker party at Old Dhaka on Sept 15 2014

They got a nice introduction to X-Ray Goggles, the tool they used to remix their own 'about me' pages, and now they were off to remix other pages on the Internet. They were very excited but they could only do so much as we didn't have much time on our hands.

We were however able to make them more aware of their privacy and security on the web during the small time we had and a quick Q/A session after that got them winning lots of Maker Party goodies for themselves.

The event was organized by Bellayet bro, and helped to facilitate by me. Thanks to i-mesh for granting us with the event. Credits to Mahir for making that intro video. And thanks to all us community members for... doing what we are doing.

Maker party at Old Dhaka on Sept 15 2014

Here is the Makes link of the participants, who had to sit by pairs on one computer, and the awesome pictures for the event can be found, here.