A day spent learning PHP! :)

Ever since LetsLearnCoding's first event, eager learners of the web like myself have been waiting with great passion for their next event, for it was to be done on a popular server-side scripting language for web development – PHP.

We had hopes for a good day and we weren't disappointed as the event was carried out by Sumon Selim bro. He planned the event to start from the very basics, Getting started with PHP and follow right up to OOP in PHP so that the event becomes helpful for the very beginners and intermediates to PHP alike.

The event started at 12 PM and Sumon Selim bro carried all the way till 5 AM. Now thats a long streak!! Though, we had lunch and snacks break in between, but they were short ;) I can honestly say that Sumon bro definitely had fun teaching us as teaching is something he quite likes, and us, the audience he got were very attentive.

The attention of the audience were proved more than once as they won stickers and badges for themselves as they answered to quick questions... But they were not the only goodies LetsLearnCoding had to offer. During the end of the event, three licenses to PHPStorm were given for free to three individuals who were able to answer particularly tougher questions based on the day's event.

But, Sumon Selim bro was not alone on this great feat. Anam bro did the anchoring in between; there were Ahmed Firoz bro, Ashraf bro, and me as the registration team; Asif bro helped with snapping some great pictures and logistics, and Akash bro for the registration, banner and logistics.

The three licenses of PHPStorm was sponsored by JetBrains. Thanks to HubDhaka and all the other sponsors for their great support.

At the end, the day went so great that Sumon bro was wondering what do now that he had taught us some PHP.

The pictures to the event can be found at facebook now, they may be uploaded to flickr soon.