UI/UX Workshop on Firefox OS and Mobile Apps

After a successful launch of Firefox OS in our country, the Mozilla Bangladesh community has been involved with many a developer engagement activities. As well as doing training sessions that encourage people to code on the web, they have also been showing ways of how to develop for the emerging market of Firefox OS.

Firefox OS Keon

From long before an official launch of Firefox OS, a great number of mobile applications from our country have been submitted to the Firefox Marketplace. But it has been seen that most of the apps which got submitted to the Firefox Marketplace from our country lack a good honest rating in terms of the experience of a user and good overall looks. So to improve this situation, on the 21st of November, the Mozillia Bangladesh community aranged an event named Workshop on UI/UX design for Firefox OS device, and it took place at the Bishwo Shahitto Kendra.

User Interface Design

Sashoto Seeam, Delta Ashfaq and Sekandar Badsha, all from Mozilla Bangladesh, were the co-rganizers of the event. Nasir Uddin, E.A Siblu and Mushfiqul Islam, all of whom are experienced designers in our country were there as the speakers to share their expertise.

Mushfiqul bro on action

The event covered from explaining the basics of UI/UX design to a good understanding of typography and color schemes to showing resources for finding inspirations and tools for designing an effective and nice loooking app.

Later, Sashoto Seeam discussed about the UI of the Firefox OS devices, and how best to build apps for it. He also explained the style guide provided by Mozilla that designers can use to make native looking apps.

The session was then wrapped up by Anisur Rahman and Salman Rahman Desh, both from Mozilla Bangladesh, who discussed about the Firefox Marketplace and how to submit apps there, followed by explaining the ways to earn by making apps. They also took questions from the audience and showed how to turn the designs into code.

There were over a hundred participants at the event and we managed to interview a few of them near the end. Most of them were seen having good remarks, with a graduate student saying, "Some great information on how to design for Firefox OS was shared today. This event was as good as the previous events I attended from Mozilla Bangaldesh."

You can find the photos and the slides used in the event here:

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